Audrey Hepburn goes shopping with her deer

As you do.


Maud Gonne’s Beauty Routine

The sun doesn’t tend to shine in Hibernia, so traditionally our skin has never received the signal to start tanning. Yeats managed to fall for Maud Gonne in pre-fake tan days. Why? Charm, wit and beauty – which Irish women are tending to douse under fake eyelashes and tan. Our aim at the Diary of … Continue reading Maud Gonne’s Beauty Routine

Fashion Food Trails

Food is the new fashion or so we are told, so why not enjoy food and fashion together – taste the food, try on the fashion! Fab Food Trails have added Food & Fashion to their trails – a 2.5 hour walkabout in Dublin tasting wonderful food and finding wonderful style from emerging and established … Continue reading Fashion Food Trails