Clash of the Tartans

There are two ways to wear tartan. If you are living a punk renaissance, listen to the Distillers, have crafted yourself a cerise Mohawk and while away Saturday afternoons at Camden lock tartan can go a long way towards completing your look. Alternatively, tartan can be worn to adopt a regal mantle, such as Kate … Continue reading Clash of the Tartans


It’s Classic time – The Irish Jet Set of 1989

“For a nation that suffers from such unreliable summer, Ireland has a remarkably rich and glorious calendar of sports...and that does not even include dipping into Les Musts, the classics of the British season. “The long, theoretically golden, summers will kick off this week with the Epsom Derby. It will hip hop across the channel … Continue reading It’s Classic time – The Irish Jet Set of 1989