First Dollar Ever Minted Is Coming to the RDS!

The Dublin Mint Office, just announced The Flowing Hair Coin; the first dollar ever minted in the United States, will arrive in Dublin amongst heavy security to go on show to the public in the RDS, Dublin next weekend.

The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is believed to be the first dollar coin ever to be struck by the US mint, and is the most expensive coin in the world, after it sold for over $10m at auction in 2013 to a private buyer; American businessman Bruce Morelan. The coin, which is believed to have been inspected and approved by George Washington, is one of the most highly regarded coins in the coin-collecting world.

It will be accompanied by an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, printed in Boston in July 1776 which is worth approximately $4million.


Pictured at the RDS for the launch of the coin were Clara McCormack aged 8 from Ballsbridge, Jessie Miller 8, from Rathmines and Amelia Rose Burke 8, from Grand Canal Street. Picture Colm Mahady / Fennells

Exhibition Details:
Venue: Royal Dublin Showgrounds, Dublin
Dates: Saturday, 11th March 10am-5pm
Sunday, 12th March 10am-5pm
Admission: Free

This is the first time the coin has been exhibited in Europe, and is part of a European tour that takes in seven countries. The tour has been arranged by the Samlerhuset Group, parent company of the Dublin Mint Office.

Mr Morelan has stated that he would be open to selling the coin, subject to reasonable offers. At the current value price of $10m, those interested in purchasing the coin could also consider the following purchases:

What $10million dollars can buy you….

  • 3,636,363 – Grande Starbucks Coffees
  • 1,544 Classic Shoulder Chanel Handbags
  • 2,666 Vintage Rolex Watches
  • 909 trips on the Orient Express
  • 100 seconds of Superbowl Advertising
  • 43 Ferrari 485s
  • Fly 40 people into space on the commercial space travel liner ‘Virgin Galactic’. A seat costs €250,000.
  • 8 Harry Winston Holly Wreath Necklaces
  • No 1 Sorrento Terrace Dalkey (sold for €10.5 in 2013)
  • 1 Flowing Hair Dollar Coin

Owner of the coin, Bruce Morelan explains why he has lent the coin to the Dublin Mint Office for exhibition; “I have collected coins since I was a small child. Collecting coins, and owning items of such rarity gives me enormous pleasure. I always dreamt about owning this particular coin from the moment I saw its image in print. I longed to own it but it was locked away in a world-class collection for many decades. When it finally came on the market after a few years, I figured out a way to acquire it and purchased it to be the centrepiece of my early dollar collection. The Flowing Hair Coin is such a special coin and has so much history attached to it. I am privileged to be in a position to work with the Dublin Mint Office to exhibit the coin to other collectors and coin enthusiasts.”