Graphic matenity leggings review

Guide to the Best Maternity Leggings

I have always been a fan of leggings, ever since Lindsay Lohan rocked them back in 2006. Since becoming pregnant I have a new found adoration for their stretchy comfort, as my waistline has expanded, my wardrobe options have become increasingly restricted, with the faithful legging the foundation garment for both work and loungewear. Maternity … Continue reading Guide to the Best Maternity Leggings

Sleep in a heatwave graphic

How to sleep in this heat!

Ireland is currently undergoing a heat wave, something the non-pregnant me would have enjoyed with Pimms cups on the rooftop of the Marker and late night chats sitting outside a bar on South William Street. However this time I am nearly 33 weeks pregnant so doing all I can to stay cool, which is hard … Continue reading How to sleep in this heat!