Sunset at Jardin Tropical in Tenerife - What to pack for a sun holiday in your third trimester!

Five essentials to pack for a sun holiday in your third trimester

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Babymoons have never been so popular, but what if instead of a quiet weekend down the country, your babymoon is a week long stint at a foreign resort? Maybe you booked the getaway before you found out you were even pregnant?

At 30 weeks pregnant, I travelled to Tenerife from Dublin for a week long family holiday that we booked before we even found out our good news! I was worried that it would be difficult for me, including the four and a half hour flight, but we had a great time. Here are my top five tips for packing for a beach holiday including a flight when you’re in your third trimester.

Aer Lingus Expectant Mother Form Image - Flying in your third trimester1. Your doctor’s permission: This is most important of all. Every pregnancy and every woman is different, so it’s vital that your healthcare provider is happy for you to travel to your intended holiday destination. Irish airline Aer Lingus allows pregnant women to travel up to 35 weeks within Europe and up to 33 weeks for transatlantic routes, but your doctor will have to complete an Expectant Mother Form and you can then email it in advance to Aer Lingus. Check with your own airline as some can limit travel after 28 weeks.

2. Any medication you require: That includes Rennies or Gaviscon. In Tenerife I could not find a pharmacy who would sell me Rennies or any other heartburn remedy, so I had to send my husband in undercover. Check with your doctor what remedies and medication will be ok to take when you are away. I am also prone to an upset stomach when abroad and would usually stock up on Motilium and Imodium but both are unsafe to take in pregnancy. Diorlyte might also be useful to replenish the essential salts you could lose by sweating lots and drinking tonnes of water.

Taking a walk in Tenerife - What to pack for a sun holiday in your third trimester!

Pointing out to America from Tenerife

2. Compression stockings/tights: I’ve had super swollen hands and feet since about 25 weeks (no longer wearing my wedding or engagement rings!) and I wish I had discovered compression stockings earlier as they really help reduce the swelling. For air travel or indeed any travel where you’re sitting for a few hours, they are absolutely essential, however unglamorous they are. They are important to stop swelling and prevent DVT. You can get stockings in black or nude, in full tights or knee highs that end at the toes so you can wear with sandals (I am actually wearing them in this picture). You can buy these from most chemists, just be sure to go in and get fitted (they take some basic measurements) a few days before so that you’ll have them in time. You can buy off the shelf in fixed sizes but in many pharmacies the custom-measured ones are even cheaper!

New Look Maternity Lace Up Swimsuit Asos4. Maternity swimwear: If you’re going somewhere hot, it’s crucial that you will be comfortable in your swimming attire to swim in the sea or cool down in the pool. Some people might still fit into a bikini, but depending how much you have grown and how comfortable you are showing of your growing tummy and stretch marks, a one piece swimsuit may  be a better option. A tankini may be another good option, it is easier to use the bathroom if you just need to take down the panties instead of pulling the whole swimsuit over your bump. If you plan to breastfeed keep in mind how easy it might be to whip out a boob from your selected swimsuit to get even better wear out of it. This black swimsuit from New Look at ASOS is great value at €33.

5. Books and movies: to make the most of your last sun holiday before baby, make sure you take it easy and don’t overstretch yourself. There’s nothing wrong with having an early night and watching a movie if you’ve been in the sun all day, let himself go off for a few pints or visit the waterpark or whatever so make sure you load up your Kindle and have plenty to entertain yourself. If you’re staying at a villa or in self-catering you may be able to bring along your Chromecast or Amazon Fire stick, and viola, watch your favourite Netflix series or YouTube videos. I loved My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.

So take it easy, enjoy the sunshine, stay hydrated and in the shade and you’ll have a great time on a sun holiday in your third trimester!