Graphic matenity leggings review

Guide to the Best Maternity Leggings

I have always been a fan of leggings, ever since Lindsay Lohan rocked them back in 2006. Since becoming pregnant I have a new found adoration for their stretchy comfort, as my waistline has expanded, my wardrobe options have become increasingly restricted, with the faithful legging the foundation garment for both work and loungewear.

Graphic matenity leggings review

Maternity leggings review:

Black Seamless Over Bump Maternity Leggings – Seraphine €19

Comfort: 8/10

Since I hit the 25 week mark, these are the comfiest leggings. Before that, and possibly because I chose a size S instead of XS, I found they hung  very loose at the hips and would slip down my legs as I walked to work, not very comfy! But now that I fill them out (!) they are handsdown my favourite item of maternity wear.

Look: 8/10

A black/grey colour, they are very opaque and unlike other leggings, aren’t see through at all. However they still are more sheer than say jeggings or treggings so you may feel a bit shy wearing as you would wear trousers. A very slight sheen to them.

Cost: 8/10

The most expensive of the maternity leggings reviewed, when you add on the £4.95 shipping cost. However Seraphine has some really great quality maternity wear, so worth investing in a few pieces you will get a lot of wear of of throughout your pregnancy, for example a nice black shift dress, some tights, sleeping bra, etc.

Total score: 24/30

Penneys maternity leggings – Two Pack €9

Comfort: 7/10

I only added these bad boys to my wardrobe last week at 33 weeks, so can’t vouch for how comfortable they would be in early pregnancy, but I would say fairly comfortable as they are more snug than the Seraphine leggings. The material is soft and fits gently around the bump

Look: 6/10

They are like thick footless opaque tights. Very black in colour, they have a slight shine and are slightly sheer so I don’t think you could get away without wearing a long top over your bum/bump.

Cost: 9/10

It’s Penneys – they will always score well on cost! But they do represent value for money.

Total score: 22/30

H&M Mama Leggings €9.99

Comfort: 3/10

Organic cotton sure sounds like a great material to make maternity leggings from, but unfortunately 5% Elastane means that these leggings just aren’t stretch enough to be comfortable after about 6 months. They sit over the bump, but the way the material is cut leaves a resemblance to the foot of a certain desert-dwelling animal.

Look: 4/10

Unfortunately after the first wash these leggings became see through, with no chance I could wear on their own. However they also come in grey and navy, and it was handy to have in other colours.

Cost: 5/10

At under a tenner, they’re not going to break the bank but they are more expensive than the Penneys leggings.

Total score: 12/30