Preserved Sequel, Murder Mystery Webinar and US launch of Twelve Motives for Murder!

Good Morning! Today was a good morning so I thought I’d share a little writing life update.

πŸ“™BOOKS UPDATE πŸ“™ 🍸πŸ”ͺ For anyone who is reading or almost finished #Preserved, might be glad to hear I’m getting the sequel ready to go to the publishers! The plan is for a three-book series so plenty more January to come!

🎧πŸ”ͺ I’ve also got some VERY exciting news about #TwelveMotivesforMurder, my immersive audio mystery which will come to light very soon. (I have been listening to West Cork on Audible so I’m finding myself use these sorts of sinister phrases a lot. It is great news though!) Elizabeth Chalice will be returning but in a slightly different format.

✍️ If you’re interested in WRITING a murder mystery, or if you’re really interested in reading them, I’m hosting a webinar in conjunction with @MeathLibrary at the end of March. More details also coming soon. I am also working on a poetry collection for the Meath County Council arts office

πŸ’»β˜˜οΈπŸ° Planning a spring or St Patrick’s Day party, or really want a fun remote, night out? I’ve just updated my Etsy store with lots of fresh new content if you’re at a dead end, take a look!

πŸ‘’πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό WRITING LIFE UPDATE – CLOTHES AND DESK I watched Blithe Spirit and am watching the Marvellous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime so have rekindled my love of vintage, although daytime poses too many risks from baby puke. This culotte (@Cosstores) cardigan (@andotherstories) combo is comfy af for mixing writing and baby time. My mam is on hand but still I’m not risking 1940s fabrics with 2021 Ella’s Kitchen. Earrings from @JennyVandervintage

Here’s my crystals and desk set up. Tea 4 life and lovely candles from @Km_aroma in Navan.

And two cows who were standing to attention when I passed them on my morning walk. It’s like the whole world was ready to get to it this morning.