Bag an NFT Poem: WTF is that and more in this post

The wonderful Meath County Council Arts Office and Creative Ireland granted me funding to create a poetry collection last spring.

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I’m not saying that I didn’t foresee a global pandemic and rolling lockdowns, but I had no clue what I would be charting over this year. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to roll with change and innovate where possible.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to publish part of the collection as an NFT on Rarible (yes, I know, WTF? FAQs below). I will be printing the entire collection in paperback and ebook, with a digital launch but I LOVE a bit of experimenting… so here we are.

You might have heard about NFTs lately (Kings of Leon just published their latest album in this format and Christie’s is holding an NFT auction next week) so if blockchain and crypto are your thing…Take a look!

What is an NFT? NFTs are unique cryptocurrency tokens used to represent assets. In this case, the asset is a digital work of art – a print of my poem The Pheasant. It’s essentially a digitally-autographed print.

But it’s just an image/print? It is an image – but there are specific properties as a cryptocurrency token that track it’s ownership/

How do I buy it? You’ll need an Ethereum wallet, some cryptocurrency and then you can bid on the auction at the link I’m confused. That’s ok. I sort of still am. But let’s see what happens. Remember you heard it here first!

Visit this link now!