Fiona Sherlock - Diary of Dionysus BloggerWelcome to Diary of Dionysus, my blog about all things fashion and family. Who is Dionysus? The Greek god of wine and fun – so that should give you a clue!

I write murder mysteries for sale over on Etsy (Bespoke Murder Mystery) and just released my first novel ‘Dark Green‘ as an ebook in the Kindle Store.

Originally from Navan, Co Meath, I have been working in public relations and living in Dublin for the past 10 years, getting in a bit of writing from time to time.

I got married in France a little over two years ago and am mummy to a little girl, so this blog is changing to reflect the change from party PR girl to slightly more sedate and sober grown up – but still all about great events and unusual findings!

You can visit my Etsy shop for lots of cool event-planning props and invitations, including murder mystery scripts and wedding printables. 

Follow me on:

Twitter: @FionaSherlock

Instagram: @FionaSherlock

Snapchat: fsherlock



I have been lucky enough to be nominated for a number of awards including:

  • Image Blog Awards 2014, Shortlist, Best Newcomer
  • Social and Personal Blogger of the Year Awards 2013, Finalist
  • Oasis/RSVP Next Top Blogger Awards 2013, Finalist,
  • Dublin City University Hybrid Awards 2011, Arts and Feature Writer of the Year
  • Irish Blog Awards 2011, Irish Personal Blog of the Year


With an attention span snapped by social media, my flash fiction piece ‘When Will Mammy Be Home?’ was published in Number Eleven magazine in 2013.  In March 2015 I was awarded the overall winner of the Wills Writing Awards for my short story ‘A Toddler and the Grand National’.

Who is Dionysus?

Diary of Dionysus


Dionysus was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology.

Contact: fionamsherlock@gmail.com


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