RIP Hatwearing

NECROMANCING THE TRILBY They’re still missing. Vamoosed from churches, proclamations and espionage. In absentia from wardrobes and our mind-sets. There have been ruminations, rumblings and rumours about the return of the hat. Let’s hold a seancé for berets, boaters, bonnets and busbys, Call back to action the cloche, coronets and cowboys, Revisit the derby, dupatta … Continue reading RIP Hatwearing

First Dollar Ever Minted Is Coming to the RDS!

The Dublin Mint Office, just announced The Flowing Hair Coin; the first dollar ever minted in the United States, will arrive in Dublin amongst heavy security to go on show to the public in the RDS, Dublin next weekend. The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is believed to be the first dollar coin ever to be … Continue reading First Dollar Ever Minted Is Coming to the RDS!