Pre-orders for New Poetry Collection

Preorders have opened for my first poetry collection, ahead of the official book launch later in the month. ‘INSIDE AND OUT’ is a new mummy's response to motherhood and a shifting socio-political landscape. The publication examines world politics and current affairs or the 'Outside', and what this means for parents and their children in 'Inside', … Continue reading Pre-orders for New Poetry Collection

The Crows of Bective Abbey

The climate crisis, as witnessed by the crows of 11th-century monastery. Inspired by a walk with an oblivious toddler. Originally published in Boyne Berries Issue 26, Autumn 2019. The Abbess looks at me askance and nibbles the Kit Kat tinfoil. She has waited eight hundred long years, turned into a bird. She watches and she … Continue reading The Crows of Bective Abbey

RIP Hatwearing

NECROMANCING THE TRILBY They’re still missing. Vamoosed from churches, proclamations and espionage. In absentia from wardrobes and our mind-sets. There have been ruminations, rumblings and rumours about the return of the hat. Let’s hold a seancé for berets, boaters, bonnets and busbys, Call back to action the cloche, coronets and cowboys, Revisit the derby, dupatta … Continue reading RIP Hatwearing

The Workplace Wardrobe

A poem about office clothes. The Workplace Wardrobe Sad black cardigan  Hanging on the wall  One small mercy,  You're not rolled up in a ball.  Worn out ballet pumps  Shoved into a drawer,  For your existence,  You wanted so much more.  Last year's sunglasses,  Underneath a binder,  When you were purchased,  You were a good bit finer.  Tobacco-prigged lip … Continue reading The Workplace Wardrobe