New! Whodunnit Kits for Remote Christmas Parties Today I'm launching a range of interactive mystery games for at-home and remote entertainment this Christmas. Available on from E65. Sherlock developed a limited edition range of artisanal boxed kits for families and workplaces to meet the demand for safe ways to celebrate the festive season together.  … Continue reading


Babies and Book Deals

I've had a GREAT 2020 so far, global pandemic aside. I've been sitting on this for a while, but the news is out! I've signed a second book deal this year, and the first book of this series, Twelve Motives for Murder, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. PREORDER HERE Hodder Studio will publish Twelve … Continue reading Babies and Book Deals

Fashion Food Trails

Food is the new fashion or so we are told, so why not enjoy food and fashion together – taste the food, try on the fashion! Fab Food Trails have added Food & Fashion to their trails – a 2.5 hour walkabout in Dublin tasting wonderful food and finding wonderful style from emerging and established … Continue reading Fashion Food Trails